Liepaja combines global reach with benefits of a small town.

We are a modern, contemporary 21st century city with a global reach proven not only by the large number of international competitions and performances by local and international artists, but also the modern and innovative companies and services that they provide.

Liepaja is the only city in Latvia, except Riga, that has mainland, air and sea transport access.

Liepaja is easy and free – we can allow ourselves to be informal, peculiar, creative and free from brackets of stiffness. If need be, we can laugh about ourselves with sarcasm and self-irony.

Liepaja is direct and rebellious – we are never completely satisfied with ourselves. We challenge things and opinions created and held both by us and by others to create even better results.

Liepaja is confident and optimistic – we are positive, with our spirit and actions we entice others.

Liepaja combines opposites and creates new things – we can turn defects into effects.  We enhance reality with a bit of magic and craziness.

Liepaja is tasteful – we always keep up with the times and are stylish. Liepaja often promotes tendencies and experiments with aesthetics and design.

Environment and mentality offered by Liepaja allows to empty one’s mind, to develop and reach new thoughts and ideas. It does not matter if the ideas are big and world-changing or personally small and aimed to improve one’s day. Here people can “let off some steam”, see things from a different point of view, recharge, experiment and create something new. This phenomenon is enhanced by wind for which Liepaja has been well-known for many years.

However, it is not only the physical phenomenon that constantly brings something new and promotes creation of something meaningful. It is the mentality that always makes us adapt, rebel and have an untraditional point of view. Besides, it also makes us to spitefully finish everything that we started, and not rebel just for the sake of rebellion.